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The DOJO bar (est. July 2011) is unique in Okinawa, perhaps in the world. Okinawa is the birthplace of karate and kobudo and the DOJO bar is a tribute to that heritage, and a gateway for visitors to the island, its people and its rich fighting arts culture. We offer a truly special place, open and easily accessible to all, across cultures, countries and styles. www.dojobarnaha.com

We have chilled Orion and Bass Pale Ale draft beer, wines, a selection of delicious cocktails, Awamori and Habushu (snake venom sake!) and a tasty food menu. Open from 7pm (19:00) every day. Find the DOJO bar on Sogenji-dori in Naha, Okinawa. We are very close to Shureido. And please follow us on Facebook (DOJO Cafe Bar) for special offers, pictures from our events and news from Okinawa.

Starting back in 2011 we designed our first t-shirts with the DOGI design for our staff to wear. But they quickly became very popular with our customers too and we started to sell out quickly. Since then we have designed new t-shirts every year, and for special events such as the 100 Kara for Karate Day Challenge. Our merchandise range has been designed by James Pankiewicz, owner of the DOJO Bar, and sometimes in collaboration with young local Okinawan designers. 

Today we offer a growing range of merchandise including clothing, books, decorative items, training equipment and more. Please take a moment to browse through our catalogue. In addition please feel free to message us with requests for items from Okinawa if you do not see what you are looking for. 

All the best from Okinawa - James & The DOJO Bar Team

会社名   Dojo Cafe Bar 
所在地   〒902-0067 沖縄県那覇市安里101
電話番号   098-911-3601 (1200~1800 080-3908-1712)
営業時間   1900~0100  (卸売酒営業1200~2200)
定休日   卸売酒営業 - 土、日
代表者   ジェームス。パンキュビッチ



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